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Microscopy and stains in histology
Immune sera, Antibodies
Markers and conjugates
Tissue preparation
Immuno-staining, other ligand detection
Selection of staining protocols
Specificity, control reactions
Reagents, solutions
Laboratory methods
Applied cell labeling  

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Conjugation of antibodies by use of glutaraldehyde
Protein labeling by use of biotin derivatives
Preparation of soluble PAP complexes
Measurement of HRP enzyme activity in conjugates
Measurement of GOD enzyme activity in conjugates
Dehydration and paraffin embedding of tissues for histology
Dehydration and resin embedment of tissues
Silane conditioning of glass slides
Elimination of mercury salts from tissue sections
HRP cytochemistry
GOD cytochemistry
Haematoxylin staining methods
Carmine staining methods
Gallocyanin-chrome alum method
Methyl green counterstaining
Toluidine blue staining
Romanowsky-Giemsa staining
Periodic acid - Schiff (PAS) reaction
Staining with Alcian blue at pH 2.5
Azur-methylene blue staining of resins sections